the island has two faces

We’re back from an unforgettable trip. Truly a reminder of how immensely rich this country is. There’s so much to write about Guiuan. Let’s take this one post at a time.


Guiuan Island is located at the southernmost tip of the province of Eastern Samar. One of the oldest municipalities in the country, the town is home to Homonhon Island where Ferdinand Magellan first stepped foot in Philippine territory.

Guiuan is bound by the Leyte Gulf in the West, with this part of the island bordered by a calm, silken coast. The photo above shows the scenery from Tanghay View Lodge, the hotel where we stayed for 3 days.

To the east is the Pacific coast where powerful swells abound, making the island a perfect spot for surfing. While we were greeted by the northeast monsoon during our visit this time of the year, the months from October to January is deemed the best season for surfing. The photo below is taken from Surf Camp, one of the more high end resorts in the island that caters to both local and foreign surfing enthusiasts.

Guiuan Island can be reached in a three-hour travel by land  on a rented van or GT Express from Tacloban. Three hours may seem long but with paved roads and breathtaking views, the trip is all worth it. The flight from Manila to Tacloban is around 56 minutes. There is also an option to fly to Borongan instead but this one we didn’t take. We opted to pass by the legendary San Juanico Bridge instead.

8 thoughts on “the island has two faces

  1. haven’t checked your photos in multiply yet.

    i’m just curious… why Eastern Samar? you have relatives there? or was it pure adventure? 🙂

    1. i learned of Guiuan because it was one of the sites in a former ADB project. we’re not really drawn to places like Boracay that have heavy tourist-traffic. we like unexplored, undeveloped locations that we would discover for ourselves. this weekend in Guiuan was one of the best vacations we’ve had. i’m now eager to look for the next “new” place to go to for a vacation.

      1. mukhang maganda dito sa guiuan di pa commercialised. sa boracay good luck na lang nakita ko na yung dumpsite disillusioned na ako. tapos baka nag-seep sa drinking water ‘yung leachates ng basura. ah… refreshing!

  2. i heard about Guiuan around 4 years ago. one of the microfinance partners’ meetings was held there. but no one was really enthusiastic about it, at least that time. so i thought it was just an ordinary alternative to the usual venues in Visayas.

    1. we were lucky to be introduced to locals who knew the good spots and who showed us around and helped us make arrangements. there’s very little on the internet about guiuan. i did my research before we left but i wouldn’t have known how much of an attraction guiuan actually is had we not gone there ourselves.

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