from busy to vacation

I have a couple or so ideas and a few photos to match about recent happenings but haven’t had time to sit down and write about them. I had been busy. Busy with current work deadlines. And busy cramming for next week’s work deadlines that I have to finish today. Because starting tomorrow we’re going on vacation.

We’re not yet done packing. I hope we don’t forget anything. Eastern Samar here we come! Photos and tales of our adventures when we get back. Happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “from busy to vacation

    1. depende siguro kung ano ipproduce mo saka kung saan ang market mo. pero may mga farms sa silang-tagaytay area that are no more than a hectare but look pretty sustainable to me. saka marami na ding technology available that doesn’t require too much land for production.

    1. the usual research writing, and some documentation work. i’m also still working on the paper I presented sa HUMEIN conference, hoping to get it published. sarap magsulat e. limited pa lang din kasi ang network ko. if i get the chance, i’ll go freelance forever. hehe.

  1. yes freelance is the way to go. i think I got a taste of it when I was doing my rounds of interview for my thesis. i was meeting people in different places at my own time… and i liked it a lot!

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