how does your garden grow?

My present read is about gardening in small spaces. I bought the book three years before as a birthday gift for Turo for the obvious reason that he likes gardening more than I do. Well, I also like gardens. Just not the soil digging and plant growing part, which I’m not any good at. For me, it’s mostly just the admiring and appreciating part that I like.

I love foliage and blooms. And I definitely appreciate how gardens can be living works of art. By carefully planning how you plant and plot, you can come up with a unique garden design that could sport a different look each month, depending on the type of plants you choose and your method of propagating them.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have a flower garden that we can imagine to be living works of art. What we have is an herb garden, a handful of ornamentals, and a lot of hardscapes. Welcome to the urban jungle!

Above is a photo of my beloved Italian oregano. It’s a key ingredient for my homemade tomato sauce and other Italian recipes. We also grow basil, thai basil, mint, tarragon and the local oregano that’s a proven home remedy for cough and sore throat. We also used to have parsley but I killed it. And a Thai chili shrub which died from pests.

Very recently, Turo started thinking of having a vegetable garden. Difficult as it may seem, it doesn’t hurt to have a few homegrown veggies that you know are fresh and pesticide-free. Mother even bought a packet of fennel seeds as moral support for the vegetable garden project.

And what do you know, we now have lettuce growing in our terrace garden! Turo’s been putting all his hydroponics knowledge to good use. Lettuce costs at least P120 per kilo in the market and can go as high as P350. We’re big salad eaters and it’s such a pleasure to eat freshly picked, formaldehyde-free salad greens. Because they’re grown using hydroponics, they’re the next best thing to organic (Turo still has some arguments about hydroponics being the better over organic but this is my blog so I get to write what I think is right).

Just when you think it can’t get any better, Turo’s growing arugula in the terrace as well! Welcome to Italian cooking heaven.

The book I’m reading keeps mentioning that a functional garden can be pretty as well. But honestly, who has time to prettify a garden when you spend most of the time making the bestest, freshest homemade pizza and pasta that you can, and then spend the remaining hours enjoying carbo-loaded but formaldehyde-free dinners. I don’t.


8 thoughts on “how does your garden grow?

  1. do you make your own pasta too?! my classmates and I did this with a pasta making machine. it took so much time, and needs a lot of effort otherwise magdidikit-dikit ang spaghetti at magiging spaghetti ball. medyo heavy pero masarap ang kinalabasan.

    ako somehow consuming organic na din. you should watch ‘We feed the world’ (some bits in youtube). It will make you think of going vegetarian. lol.

    1. I always think that a diet without animal protein will make you go crazy. Hehe.

      The cheapest pasta maker I saw here cost at least 3 thousand pesos, so instant pasta muna kami for now. Saka meron akong na-discover na bread producer in Las Pinas. Baka kapitbahay nyo yun, I think it’s called Village Gourmet. Its where I get my pizza crust. Na-addict na nga kami, nagpapa-special order pako sa Rustan’s kasi pa-isa-isa lang ang deliver sa kanila.

      I’m saving up for a cookware bodega sale in June, malay mo makakita ako dun ng murang pasta maker.

  2. I tried to be a vegetarian and it only lasted two weeks. magaan ang pakiramdam pero mabilis magutom.

    Di ko alam ang Village Gourmet. 3M Pizza ok na sa akin. lolz. Pero masarap na ang home-made pizza padamihan ng recados. Also try making tarte flambee. thin crust dough, creme fraiche topped with onions and bacon bits. Simple lang pero masarap din. siempre di ako marunong mag-bake kain lang ang contrib ko.

  3. maybe, one day, you and Turo can expand your garden and sell some of your produce. tapos bibili na lang ako sa inyo on a regular basis. =)

    1. We’ve been meaning to do so for the longest time. Hopefully we can start something this year. Sana, sana. Wag ka mag-alala, free delivery para sayo. =)

    1. e kasi ang pahirapan ang scheduling sa inyo e. LOL
      sa birthday ni bro kaya? i’ll throw him a party tutal ang kuripot nya e.

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