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After hitting a record of 50 posts on my last entry (who would’ve thought I could take blogging this far?), I went on a 15-day writing slump. I apologize for the lack of posts for the last half-month. I wasn’t sure if it was because I ran out of ideas to write about, or photos to show, or topics to match the photos I took, and vice versa. It may also be because I had been too busy with parties, both as a guest and a hostess. Didn’t I mention that it’s THAT time of the year again?

Thankfully, this week is a lazy week at work. Next week will be another hell week, but let’s not rush into that just yet. While basking in laziness, I found again precious time to look for home design ideas online. This is my first attempt at sorting the tons of photos and interior design ideas I practically stole from other people’s homes.

The blackboard wall. I fancy that every child’s mother secretly wishes that all the walls of their house are painted with blackboard paint. Then all the crayon and chalk marks and paint can be wiped clean. The chances that my kids will be bigger by the time we would have our dream house built are very high. But I still want a blackboard wall. It can serve as a graffiti wall, a freedom wall, a kitchen recipe wall, a grocery list wall, a remember to do this wall. How excitingly versatile.

The accessory box. I have a lot of accessories. Not excessive but a good lot. My collection came from my travels, my mother’s travels, my friends’ travels and the materials range from semi-precious stones to various types of pearls to native clay to wood and metal. Right now I keep them in mini-plastic drawers for organizing purposes but at times I feel I like I’m stripping them of their glory by locking them up. But this very simple display box is a wonderful and practical way to show my collection to the world.

The floating book shelf. On some days when my weird sleeping (or waking) patterns come up, it’s always nice to have a book by my bedside. But very seldom do I read a book continuously to the end. I often have a number of books and magazines tagged as “my present read.” Don’t ask me why, I just do. And I also just like the way that this shelf makes the books float by each side of the bed. This marks the end of the bookend industry.

The ceiling detail. Have I ever mentioned that I am a huge fan of Joey de Leon? I love his shirts (Turo does too), and his flair for travel and his comic wit. I occasionally watch Wow Mali! but never miss Mel & Joey. It is in one of the show’s Hanepbahay segments where Joey featured an antique-themed but completely brand new house where I saw for the first time very intricate details carved out of metal sheets that were used as ceiling decor. And I swore I will have something like this in my future home.

Kitchen lighting. Like any cook, I dream of having the perfect kitchen. Where things are organized and within reach, and lighting and ventilation is sufficient. In our (present) kitchen, the lights are always on whenever I cook, even in broad daylight. And it’s not really because the kitchen area is insufficiently lighted, but because the lighting was not designed to have what’s on top of the stove as it’s focal point. Basically because my mother, who designed our house, is also the worst cook I know (she knows this but I still hope she never gets to read this). When the food is being cooked in deep, cast iron pans, it would be very difficult to distinguish golden brown from burnt, and unless you have overhead bulbs or use a flashlight while cooking, it’s always gonna be hit or miss. But not if you have glass blocks in your kitchen walls! This is the most ingenious of all kitchen architecture I have seen. If our kitchen wall wasn’t a firewall, I would’ve had glass blocks installed right there.

My idea of a dream home is a place to disengage from stress and experience the joy of family. At the same time, I would want our home to be a venue for intimate and tasteful entertaining.

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