a glassful of cool

our children are suckers for iced tea. a glassful of caramel colored liquid is a time-tested way to get them to behave on the table. we can run out of choco milk, yakult or juice but we would never be out of a pitcher of iced tea. and we don’t use those instant iced tea mixes. they’re expensive and sugar-laden, although i have to admit that they can be convenient. we still keep a container of nestea at home but “for emergency use” only.

glassful of cool

i’m a tea drinker, close to being a purist. never a fan of blended tea infusions, except for mint. but i’m not going to serve my children with pure green tea either. we always mix fruit juices with diluted tea (go low on the caffeine). for the longest time they’ve been drinking an orange juice-tea mix, a concoction invented by turo which he called “confusion.” a perfect name for a drink that tastes really confusing. my version of the confusion is made with mint tea (recipe found here) which i think tastes much better and is much more refreshing. but as i said, my children are suckers for iced tea and they couldn’t care less.

and then one day i encountered a recipe for iced tea that uses pear juice. and since its the season for apples and pears, i thought i’d give the recipe a little twist. just when i thought that raspberry iced tea was great, this was even better. i call this recipe “the perfect iced tea”.

the perfect iced tea

to make the perfect iced tea you’ll need:

mint tea
black tea
apple juice
pear juice

steep the mint tea for 5 to 10 minutes. steep the black tea for 2 to 3 minutes and not any longer because it will turn everything bitter. mix equal parts of mint tea, black tea, apple juice and pear juice in a container. add 2 tablespoons of honey for every liter of mixture made. pour over ice and garnish with a sprig of mint leaves if you’re feeling fancy. enjoy perfection!


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