diaper duty

It’s difficult to accept how we have become enslaved by products that do much harm under the guise of convenience. Life seems too hard and we rationalize patronage of such products as a means to cope. Disposable diapers are probably at the top of our “convenient but harmful” list. But after the flood reminded me of how environmentally unfriendly diapers can be, I vowed to get these evil goods out of our lives.

This vow was followed by a frantic search for washable diapers. Don’t get me wrong. I am an advocate of cloth diapers. My children have been fully cloth diapered since the day they came home from the hospital.  But only during daytime. There was a time that I tried using cloth diapers on Uri even at night but Turo was annoyed because Uri would have his clothes and crib sheets soaking wet while he slept. At that time, I thought there was no alternative but to use disposables at night. And since we had two toddlers, imagine how much disposable diapers we consumed in a month, in a year, and in the past two and a half years. I don’t even want to do the math.

tushywushy front

I knew I previously saw a washable diaper featured on TV but didn’t give it much thought until now. Luckily, I read about Tushywushy diapers in a parenting forum. I also saw other similar products mostly from other countries and another type that is made locally. I did some background investigation and finally decided to give Tushywushy a try.

I had to place an order in their website (www.next9.org) and got to pick up my order the following week. Reading the contents of their website gave me an impression that they knew their products well. I wasn’t surprised to find out that the company was set up by two young mothers who were looking for alternative products for their children but found none and ended developing some by themselves. That’s basically the selling point for me. LOL

tushywushies outside

Each diaper has a leakproof outer layer that fits snugly because of the adjustable velcro straps and elastic gussets. Inside it’s made of fleece material that’s supposed to keep the wetness and moisture away from baby’s skin. This is another selling point for me and I was a bit surprised to find out that it really does keep the skin dry even after a couple of wettings. An absorbent insert takes up all of baby’s pee so it essentially functions like a disposable diaper except that it’s completely washable.

tushywushies inside

Tushywushies come in several solid colors. I ordered the grey one just to be sure the colors won’t stain other clothes in the laundry (they weren’t available in white). The diapers come in three sizes for various age and weight ranges. Each pack contains three diapers at a price of P1,000 per pack. This may sound absurdly expensive at first but if you do the math you’ll realize you’ll never have to spend a single centavo on diapers ever. Go figure exactly how much you can save.

tushywushy back

In all, I ordered three packs for Uri to use at night. That’s enough for twice a week laundry. At about the same time I bought the Tushywushies, Ari has mastered peeing before sleeping, after waking up and sometimes waking in the middle of the night when he needs to. And I am damn proud to announce that disposable diapers are officially off our grocery list.


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