another blue christmas

110209. sleepless from Santi’s gusty winds, we found ourselves with an excuse to miss out on the heavy cemetery-bound traffic. no cemetery visits for us this year, only lighted candles, flowers and a prayer. keeping up with the family tradition, all souls’ day is again Christmas decorating day.

center blue

putting up Christmas décor is special family bonding for us. maybe because it always reminds us of the Christmas décor-making business, which father and mother ran before, that put both brother and I through school, and bought us our first car. a family enterprise in its truest sense that brought out the best of mother’s creativity and father’s industry.

reindeer bells

i remember how proud i felt seeing their handmade creations displayed in specialty stores in the biggest malls and in wholesaler stands in the humblest markets. i wish I was old enough then to have documented all the patience and skill they put in to make each décor worth displaying in every Filipino family’s home. their teamup have always inspired me to want to put up a business of my own. too bad the asian crisis put an end to the business. sad but I guess that’s they way any business has to be, following a cycle of peaks and troughs.

ari's star

it’s another blue Christmas this year. we’re recycling decors from two years past because we don’t want to buy anymore unnecessary stuff, following Ondoy. we’re also cutting down on electric consumption using only one set of Christmas lights for the tree this year and another set for the bamboo wall in the garage.

blue christmas tree

blue and white balls and silver trimmings adorn the Christmas tree. I’d say blue is cool to the eyes and the balls gave the overall look some playfulness. when we used them two years ago, I remember how the children visitors enjoyed playing with the colored balls. at the end of the day, we all had to kneel down to pick up the little balls and put them back on the tree. now i can’t believe we’re subjecting ourselves to the same kneeling activity, but this time, it will be everyday until Christmas day, or maybe until the feast of the three kings. the balls are such baby magnets, Ari & Uri can’t keep their hands off them.

blue balls

my december weekends are filling up with schedules for parties and get togethers. it’s that time of the year again. i love christmas. i love parties. and reunions. and gift giving. i hope my children share the same excitement for christmas as i do. and i hope later on they would learn that christmas is made wonderful by the sharing and exchange of love among family and friends.

i can’t wait for my “christmas feeling” this year!


2 thoughts on “another blue christmas

    1. alam mo naman si father, jack of all trades, lahat ng pwedeng negosyo napasok na nun. marami sa mga abubot sa bahay tira pa yun sa mga decor na ginawa nila dati.

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