battle vs. bottle

Ari is turning 3 in a few months and we’ve decided to transition him from formula to full cream milk and to start weaning him from the bottle. While he drinks his water and juices from the glass, and sips chocolate milk from tetra packs, he still refuses to give up the bottle during sleeping time, especially at night. Rather unfortunately, he’s also in that stage of toddler-hood when he throws screaming fits and public tantrums over almost anything, bottle weaning quickly adding to that list.

bottle battle

With an insane amount of persuasion, he often drinks his “big boy milk” in the morning and during snack time in the afternoon. But the bedtime bottle is the one that really tests our patience. The strategy is to let Ari finish his “big boy milk” before giving him the bedtime bottle, with the intent of filling him up enough that he no longer asks for the bottle before and while sleeping.

But the common bedtime scenario goes something like this:

Ari: Dede ka na (that’s him asking for the bottle using the third person)
Tatay: Sige pero ubusin mo muna ang big boy milk.
(5 minutes of Ari’s screaming followed by a cute sip of milk from the glass)
Nanay: O magtitimpla na ako ng dede, finish your milk first.
(another 5 minutes of crying followed by another cute sip)


By the time Ari finishes half of the milk, he’s either too tired from crying that he falls asleep, or our ears are burning from hearing too much screaming that we just give in and give him the bottle. On rare occasions Ari gets to finish his big boy milk. But note that such occasions are very rare.

Feeling concerned that we’ve not been very successful with this bottle weaning process, I browsed for weaning advice from parenting forums. I am amazed at the range of tactics parents do just to get rid of the bottle habit. From buying the most colourfully designed cups to throwing bottle weaning parties. Yes, you read right, bottle weaning parties. Bottle weaning must be that difficult for parents to go over the edge for this. At least I can take comfort in knowing that I am not alone facing this frustrating transition.

baby bottles

But the bottle battle has begun. Let’s see in the coming weeks how much progress we make in our challenging encounters with the bottle.


3 thoughts on “battle vs. bottle

  1. i haven’t tried bottle weaning my toddler yet. but i’m hoping that it wouldn’t be so hard, considering that justin doesn’t automatically ask for “dede” at bedtime and can actually sleep 2 hours after his last bottle for the day without another bottle. my greatest challenge, though, is weaning him from formula to full cream. we tried in a glass first. then we even put it in a bottle. but he cannot be fooled. he doesn’t like the taste. period. i cannot even test if he is still lactose-intolerant because he never liked any other milk other than his formula.

    1. si Ari kasi pati si Uri nasanay na umiinom ng fresh milk from time to time. kasi that’s what we (adults) drink at home kaya siyempre naiingit sila, makiki-inom din.

      have you tried the chocolate-flavored ones? or yung mga nasa tetra packs? we give Ari birch tree powder, masarap siya saka mura. when we’re outside, nagbabaon kami ng bear brand in tetra packs.

  2. well, he likes chuckie. sige, masubukan nga ang bear brand. will also try birch tree. yung nido sa bahay gagawin ko na lang na polvoron. =)

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