da coco cooler

in between storm signals and weather monitoring, aren’t we all glad to see clear skies and the bright sun? with more than a month to go before Christmas, chilly mornings and cool evenings are typical, but hot and humid midafternoons may not be as welcome.

not if you have a glass of da coco cooler. made from freshly squeezed coconut cream and coffee jelly, this cool, filling drink makes hot afternoons a bit more bearable.

da coco cooler


da coco cooler recipe

½ cup pure coconut cream
1 can coffee jelly, cut into cubes
1 small can condensed milk
6 cups water


mix all ingredients in a pitcher. pour in a glass with extra large straws. drop some ice cubes. enjoy!


4 thoughts on “da coco cooler

    1. you can find it with the rest of the gelatin/gulaman products in the grocery. i’m not particular about the brand. they all taste the same, as with black gulaman.

      1. i couldn’t find any last weekend. i’ll try in another supermarket. canned rin ba yung coco cream na gamit mo? or binibili mo sa palengke?

      2. ang ginamit ko dito pina-gata ko kay yaya (bicolana e). si Uri kasi medyo sensitive ang tiyan kaya careful kami sa iniinom nya, dapat purified/distilled water lagi ang gamit. pero for cooking, i use yung naka-plastic galing sa palengke kasi papakuluan naman. naka-try din ako before ng coco milk in a tetra pack, ok din naman. i guess you could use it din.

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