some shoe considerations

I wrote in my previous post that purchasing a shoe rack is part of my to-do list as far as the bedroom project is concerned. I went to the mall without high hopes of finding any but just to scout around and look for possibilities.

We needed something vertical that would occupy a small space between the wall and a set of drawers. But nothing too conspicuous that would otherwise make our shoes the center of attraction. We’re not exactly shoe collectors. We only buy comfortable shoes that we know we’ll wear, not for display in a museum unlike other people with a shoe obsession.

 shoe center

And so I thought, if it’s not supposed to be conspicuous, does it have to be something covered? What I think about covered shoe racks is that it somehow feels as if you’re trying to hide what’s inside. And hiding the shoes is not my intention for buying one. I need a piece of furniture that will keep, store and organize footwear, without necessarily hiding them from view.


shoes in hiding

According to a closet organization expert, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the appropriate shoe rack:


Know your space. Do you have enough floor space to accommodate a shoe rack? Would it be possible for you to use the back of the door in your closet for a hanging shoe organizer instead? Count how many shoes you own. This way, you’ll be able to buy the right number and sized organizers to accommodate your shoe collection. Take care to choose a shoe rack that accommodates a few extra pairs so that your organizer will accommodate future growth in your collection.


Shop around. An important step in this process is to shop around to find the type of shoe racks that meet your style needs. Cubby racks provide the ability for shoes to be stored and protected simultaneously, and they maximize space as a result of their configuration. Note that some shoe cubbies are not large enough to fit some types of shoes such as boots or sandals for example. Free standing shoe racks are capable of maximizing floor space but they do not offer much protection for the shoes they store. These shoe racks are only useful when there is enough floor space to accommodate them. Over-door shoe organizers are good for closets without floor space but they can sometimes be bulky and are not always the highest quality option. Hanging shoe organizers are similar to shoe cubbies in that they provide shoe compartments as well as adequate levels of protection for the stored shoes. However, their compartments may be too small for certain shoes and they do require a certain amount of hanging space.

My quick trip to the mall led me to find small pull-out boxes made of canvass (similar to the photo below) which are sold by the pair. Aside from being too small which will not fit a pair of footwear owned by a male species, they were only available in royal blue, shocking pink and neon green. I also thought they were too expensive priced at P250 per pair, which means a thousand bucks will only get me to store 8 pairs of shoes. Naah.

canvass storage

Since we’re so into wooden furniture, anything not made of wood and not colored like wood seems out of place inside the house. Although I, at some point, will want to break this furniture monotony, it’s not going to be with a shoe rack. Maybe a sculpture or a coffee table can scream some modern artform, but definitely not a shoe rack.  

wooden lines

And so I’ve decided I’m going to have something custom-made from a local furniture maker. Something not too revealing because there really is nothing to be revealed except for old, overworn footwear. And nothing too concealing as if trying to hide unsightly possessions (we have none, by the way, cause if we had, i’d have thrown them out by now).

drifting towards a new purpose

I am inspired by a magazine article I read about a furniture designer based in UK who makes gorgeous cabinets out of dritwood. Well what do you know, driftwood is pretty sturdy considering the time it’s been floating in water. I am suddenly itching to go back to Quezon to rescue some drifters. And the blocks of driftwood that’s been sitting out near our waterfall display just might find themselves with a new purpose.

one great shoe rack

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