the bedroom project

While a lot of cleaning and organizing has been going on downstairs after the flood, we thought our bedroom needed some pimping up as well. Our bedroom is on the mezzanine floor and was not touched by the flood. But since we’re in this re-organizing and re-decorating momentum, might as well bring that upstairs.

dresserOur room was made as an extension in the front part of the house and now occupies what used to be the terrace. The grillworks you see here are part of the terrace grills but were reworked so it now divided the closet area from the sleeping area, aside from serving as a decorative accent.

The weekend before, we brought along a thumb drive of photos for printing, after an entire morning of sorting and picking and pairing up. We shopped for photo frames so we can start hanging some of the photos to break the endless yellow that were the walls.

above the bed

Three frames went above the bed against the firewall. Notice how our bed seems too low while the frames are way up high? We sleep on mattresses, temporarily. Uri was previously diagnosed with hydrocephalus which caused a big soft lump on his forehead after he fell off the bed. So bed stands were taken out at least until Uri is big enough to hop onto the bed without much risk of falling.

kiddie photos

Two identical frames went on top of the set of drawers. We placed relatively recent photos of Ari and Uri on them. Uri kept calling out “baby” to the photos everytime he sees them.

antique corner

This corner where an antique dresser stands is where Turo and I get our everyday things. This is most often the center of clutter especially when we work late and just want to leave our stuff and go to bed.

de-clutter rack

We bought a plastic paper rack from the DIY shop in an attempt to de-clutter our stacks of papers, bills and receipts that are of immediate importance (see right end of the photo). On the opposite side were the mini-drawers which I use to organize my accessories.

trinket boxes

Pending tasks for the bedroom project include the purchase of a shoe rack, a thin wall clock to hang on the post, and a nice laundry basket to hide the boys’ super dirty laundry.

The nice part in doing this project is that the babies had their share of room decorating. A grand welcome insignia greeting you at the entrance.

welcome insignia


3 thoughts on “the bedroom project

    1. i wanted to add more. i found more empty frames habang nagliligpit. kaso wala nakong mahanap na magandang pwesto. i don’t want to overdo it naman.

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