mildly spiced is how i like it

When I went to market the other day, I made it a point to pick out the reddest tomatoes from my suki‘s array of vegetables. Since our ref is working, I can re-stock on homemade sauces starting with the most basic, tomato sauce. But now I make it a point to only make sauces in moderate amounts. My heart broke when I had to throw away big bottles of pesto sauce and vinaigrettes after the flood. Again, lesson learned.

I like my tomato sauce thick and mildly spiced. I could have it spicier but the babies might not eat it so I came up with a mildly spiced version. I use dried chilis to flavor my tomato sauce. The bottle of chili flakes was thrown out after the flood as well. But Turo surprised me with dried Thai chilis from a barely surviving chili plant we have out back.

chilisThere are only five ingredients in my tomato sauce recipe. Onion, garlic, Italian oregano, tomatoes and chilis. Do a quick sauté of the first three ingredients plus the chilis.


Then I add the peeled tomatoes, which I pureéd using a blender. No water. The key is to simmer low and slow. It normally takes an hour of simmering before I get the thickness and consistency to my liking. After cooling, the sauce can last at least two weeks when refrigerated.

simmer low and slow


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