market fresh

Today was the first time I went to the market after the flood. We kept buying food from the grocery since prices were high anyway and just to be sure as far as sanitary conditions are concerned. But by this time, I have gotten sick of eating and cooking meat and frozen fish. I wanted vegetables and fresh seafood.

The Marikina market is back in business. And so are the rest of the businesses in our area. It was as if the flood hadn’t happened. Which I think is a good thing.

I bought fish, shrimp, fish, shellfish, fish and vegetables. I refrained from buying Baguio-sourced vegetables which are at least 3x more expensive than usual. Sinigang veggies as I like to call them, as opposed to chopsuey veggies. But fish prices were quite low so I splurged.

yellow fin cubesThis is part of a kilo of yellow fin tuna which I cut into small cubes. The rest were of the gilit cut which I stored in the freezer for steaks. The fish bones I used for making fish stock.

Out of the fish cubes, I decided to make some fish kinilaw which I can serve as a salad. I was craving for fresh and this was the freshest I could go.

I sliced up an onion, crushed some garlic and julienned some ginger and carrot.


I mixed up vinegar, salt and pepper and threw in the sliced ingredients and the fish. I let this sit for a few minutes so the fish can “cook” in the vinegar solution.

cooking in vinegar

While I planned to serve it as a salad, I forgot to buy lettuce. I served it with a mustard leaf (a sinigang veggie) instead.

fish kinilaw


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