Outside is a waterworld (Ondoy series part 6)

If flood was about two meters deep from inside our house, expect it to be much much deeper outside, with a water current. It started with clear flood water at 10:30am. At around noon, water was not only dirty, garbage was literally floating as well.

garbage out garbage afloat

So I was a bit surprised to see garbage floating around. But surprise became an understatement when I saw an island of garbage atop the water.

garbage island

The cliché “no man is an island” was put to shame when I saw a dog, on top of the garbage island, being moved by the current to God knows where.

no dog in an island

Our cars were parked in higher ground in an attempt to save them. Should have they been inside our garage, they would have looked like this.

neighbor cars

They don’t look too bad, do they? But I tell you, these cars are floating in flood water. Had the neighbor’s gates been left open, they would have floated away like the poor dog in garbage island. Notice how the red Mazda 3 tilts a bit to the right.

tilting mazda 3

Early morning the next day, flood has subsided significantly. But left its mark lest we forget. As if.

ondoy's remembrance

And then sad news of casualties broke out. We were lucky not to have dead bodies floating around. The only casualty I was able to capture was this. Still, brace yourself.

a casualty


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