water runs clean (Ondoy series part 2)

The rain poured harder after breakfast. Brother left for school. Mother was waiting for mall opening hours to buy stuff on the way to work. Turo was mulling over attending his fraternity homecoming despite the bad weather. The kids had Maisy mouse playing. Still pretty normal. Except for the water in the street that was rising at constant speed. At this rate water will surely enter our house.

There was nothing else to do but to welcome the crystal clear flood waters into our humble home. Why it was so clean remain a mystery to me.

clean flood water

Water entered the front door at 10:30am. It kept rising and rising and rising and finally stopped maybe by 10pm. Then it started going down. Very slowly.

Patience is truly a virtue. Despite all the patience it took to wait for the flood to stop coming in, more patience was needed as we wait for it to fully subside.

It would have been nice if the 2-meter flood was crystal clear throughout. But flood water is dirty, murky water. Taking care of the kids was the best excuse so my skin didn’t have to touch it.

murky flood water


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