e-le-va-tion (Ondoy series part 3)

I remember the last flood we experienced was 10 years ago. Back then the waters were knee deep and lasted several days. So to a certain extent, we felt like we had a certain level of expertise as far as flood management is concerned and that we already knew exactly what to do in such a situation.

In fact, we already had a number of anti-flood measures in place.  Some of our appliances have elevated stands/platforms. Our stockroom has a metal rack on top of which the stored items were placed so they were also elevated. Our phone lines which used to be underground were now wall mounted.

The rest of the things that did not have anti-flood devices attached to them were arranged on top of the sofa. At a foot higher than the ground, we thought they were perfectly safe.

level 1

Turned out to be a very poor assumption. In an hour, water continued to rise and buoyancy was toppling heavy narra furniture and getting some of our things wet. We started carrying stuff to the staircase landing and lined them up against each step.

level 2

But the stairs was neither a safe destination. By late afternoon, most of our stuff found their way to the mezzanine and yaya’s room in the top floor. Food items were transferred to the highest shelf of the cupboard, inches from the ground floor ceiling. The ultra-heavy refrigerator was raised a couple of steps more and was strapped to the baluster. In case the water rose some more, at least the ref is not gonna float away.

level 3


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