double tea ball

strainer in a cupI never had the need for a tea ball strainer because I steep my tea in a pot, which has a built-in strainer so leaves don’t get poured into your cup.

Recently, however, I seem to have brought my tea drinking frenzy to the office, where I don’t have a teapot but a coffee cup. I’m getting sick of green tea in a teabag which tastes only half as good as tea steeped from loose leaves.

Yesterday I bought this dual tea ball strainer from Gourdo’s. Only for 95 pesos. Dual because half of it is made from the usual stainless steel metal with little holes, and half is made of stainless steel mesh. It has a little lock so the tea leaves won’t fall out while steeping.

oolong-mint tea

Now I can enjoy loose leaf tea anywhere there is a cup and hot water.


8 thoughts on “double tea ball

  1. adik! hehe. thanks to you, i’m growing fonder of tea. it always comes back to me – that time when we drank tea in your house while waiting for brother and his “revelation”. and since i’m not yet an “expert”, i’m still having a hard time which tea variation suits my taste buds best. looking forward to the next tea party! 🙂

    1. can’t wait to throw a tea party myself. but i’m still widening my collection of teas from all over and planning on buying one more tea gadget. then i’ll be ready for a tea party. hehehe.

      i know you’re a coffee lover. why don’t you check this blog, i’m no coffee drinker, pero pag binabasa ko to, parang gusto ko din magkape. hehe.

      1. cant wait for the tea party! then maybe you can give me a crash course. hehe. yeah i love coffee, sometimes bordering on addiction or dependency. hehe. thanks for the link. i have my gadgets too, a coffee press which i would like to bring to the office sana kaso baka mawala. but im starting to believe tea’s better for the body. is it? kaso pag inaantok ako di talaga umuubra sakin ang tsaa.

  2. well tea has less caffeine, but if you drink too much, baka wala na din masyadong difference with coffee. i think of tea more as a relaxing beverage than a health drink. overhyped na din ang mga ads for tea. for me, if you want to be healthy, drink water, and stop using whatever antioxidants as an excuse for your addiction. LOL

    1. the package says that having a mesh portion allows more of the flavors to pass through. i doubt if it’s true though. baka marketing gimmick lang. hehe.

  3. i’m also a tea addict! do you use the loose-leaf kind? if yes, where do you get yours? i’ve been looking for loose-leaf black tea.

    1. anna, i buy loose leaf tea from the little big store in gilmore. you can get a box around 300g for less than a hundred.

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