condimentalsI always associate saucers with a cup. I remember in grade school english such pairings, eg. cup and saucer, bacon and eggs, are even considered as a singular unit as far as subject-verb agreement is concerned. Or am I wrong? Whatever.

Anyhow, when I tried to look up the etymology of the word saucer, I ended up realizing that its main purpose is to be a receptacle of condiments, from the word sauce, hence the word sauce-er. Duh?!

I hope this is just stress, or am I getting stupid. I can almost hear my family say, “you already are.” (Matalinong tanga is my family’s best description of me.) Ouch! But at least there seems to be some smartness involved. LOL

Going back to this saucer thing, I’ve just been so freaking tired the last couple of days I needed to de-stress. So off I went to Gourdo’s determined to buy SOMETHING. Gourdo’s is one of my favorite stores. I think I can get accepted there as a saleslady–I know most of their products because I always dream of buying them for my own kitchen.

But given the fact that I haven’t got a lot of money to spare, my shopping choices are limited to shotglasses and cookie cutters. Did I mention I was de-stressing? Sounds more like self-infliction.

But wait til I saw cute little condiment saucers which cost P35-P45 apiece. I bought several pairs in different sizes but all in plain white ceramic. I’m so used to white dinnerware because that’s what we have at home.

condiments plus

This one is my favorite piece. I particularly like how it has a main part for the sauce and a smaller division where you can put chilis or wasabe or shrimp paste. Perfectly functional. I also like the way that it looks like it has heels on it (see from the side). Saucer stiletto!

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