things to do with bamboo

Bamboos are the fastest growing woody plants in the world. But no matter how tall they get, they’re still grass.

Have you ever wondered what the many uses of bamboo are?

Hang clothes with it…

hang clothes

Wave it like a flagpole…

wave like a flag

Throw it like a spear…

throw like a spear

Ride it like a broomstick…

ride like a broomstick

Hurl it like a martial arts weapon…

hurl like a weapon

For a tree that’s actually a grass, pretty versatile, eh?



4 thoughts on “things to do with bamboo

    1. I think the best toys for children are the ordinary stuff you normally see around the house. Specially those things that they always see adults use. Kaya pag nagka-anak ka, wag ka ng bibili ng mamahaling laruan. Minsan, mas exciting pa para sa mga bata ang mga bagay na nakikita sa tabi-tabi.

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