little shopping pleasures

When almost everything comes with a price tag, and when almost everything that comes with a price tag is getting less affordable, it’s a pleasant surprise to find stuff that are worth more than what they cost.

I had to change wordpress themes so I could feature my “shopping steals” in the left sidebar. Wise buys, fab finds, whatever you want to call them, I will find them and buy them for myself. What a great way to reward myself every so often, without straining my near-empty pockets.

Earlier on my way home from work, I was super hungry because I rendered a couple hours of overtime and also because I could almost taste the buffalo wings and seafood pasta that was for dinner (I knew because I already cooked them in the morning before leaving for work).

I passed by Rustan’s Fresh in Gateway and checked the baked goodies area. It’s become a habit to always check the breads and pastries on display even when I know that there’s still bread at home. I was thinking of buying their yummy cinnamon rolls when I saw cute little pieces of cheese bread in a bag.

cheese bites

The label says Marby Cheese Bites and each bag contains 10 pieces with a net weight of 120g. Not bad. It will expire in 5 days so it’s still fresh. Best of all, each bag costs P14.00. Totally not bad.

So I bought a pack and ate 4 pieces while waiting in line to ride an FX. Pretty tasty and not too sweet. I didn’t feel like I had to drink water unlike when I eat donuts. After 4 pieces, I didn’t feel hungry. I had a nice trip home with enough appetite for my lovely dinner. And for fourteen pesos, the babies have meryenda tomorrow!

cheese bites live


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