li’l barista makes iced citrus mint tea

lil baristaThe mint leaves I harvested last time are now completely dried. The babies are out of juice (although they’ve been having a lot of fruits lately) so I decided to try making homemade iced tea using the dried mint leaves.  I was lucky to have a very eager kitchen assistant to help me out. I’m not quite sure whether his eagerness was for helping me out or for gulping down the soon-to-be iced tea.

Following the instructions from last time, we poured near-boiling water to the dried leaves, added a little sugar while steeping for 10 minutes.

steep + sugar

We squeezed the juice of 1 valencia orange and 1 dalandan and poured it to the mint tea.

citrus juice

We added water to fill a pitcher and dropped in some ice cubes.

water + ice

The finished product? A refreshing drink that could probably use a little more kick from green or black tea for older drinkers, but light and fresh enough for kids like our li’l barista over here.

finished product


3 thoughts on “li’l barista makes iced citrus mint tea

    1. it’s the first time we used mint tea. we usually use oregano with citrus kasi mas malago yung oregano plant namin. best when the kids have cough, may soothing effect yung oregano, better than cough medicine.

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