are we just lucky?

I did not go to work today. I was supposed to, but decided not to after I checked my mail in the morning and realized there was nothing urgent that requires my coming to the office. Instead, Turo & I spent the day at the mall with the babies. Well not really the entire day but just a couple of hours, enough for us to do our grocery, have lunch and buy some stuff. The babies needed a new bag because their old bags were now too small and are almost torn to pieces from over use.

poor old bags

I was amazed at how behaved the babies were all throughout our stay at the mall. While we were in the department store, I got a mickey mouse stuffed toy off the shelf (without any intention of buying it) and gave it to Uri because I knew he likes plush toys. And I was right, he was happily embracing mickey mouse as we looked around for bags on sale. But he did not make a sound when I returned mickey to the shelf right before we paid at the cashier.

toy cars

When we passed by the toy cars section, Ari almost got himself dizzy running around the shelves. He likes cars and it was fun seeing him wowed out by the toy cars on display. As a little boy, I think he’s already learned the concept of buying. He kept saying, “you like car, bili car.” It was good that he can already express what he wants, but it didn’t seem to me like he was ever insistent on buying anything.

When we ate lunch, they were angels. They sat properly, ate well, and we got to eat as well. Lunchouts just the four of us are always crazy, but today was the exception. Imagine, Turo and I got to eat! We never get to eat when we eat out with the kids.

I’m still in a state of disbelief at how good kids our kids have become. They may have their share of tantrums and misbehavior but they’re not salbahe and are generally happy children. I always ask myself (and Turo) if we were just extremely lucky to have such good kids, or should we also give ourselves credit for raising them that way. It’s one thing to be proud parents of your children. It’s another thing to feel fortunate and blessed for having them.


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