of bricks, wood and glass

yellow brick houseFor the first time, Turo and I finally sat down for our long-term financial planning. I love planning. One among the few things I’m actually good at.  According to our plan, our dream home will be built by 2014. I can hardly wait for us to finally have a place of our own.

Ever since this planning thing, I’ve become a fan of architecture blogs. I keep imagining what our future house would look like and keep looking for design ideas online.

What we want is a small house, that can of course fit us, and a sprawling garden. Turo wanted the walls of the house made of adobe bricks. I forgot if it was because he wanted a historic and aged look to the house or was it because he wanted to avoid repainting jobs? But I agree, adobe bricks are nice although I’ve yet to research on its effect on ventilation and temperature.

We both also want a lot of wood elements, particularly in the interiors, so the nature-y ambience from the garden is maintained even from the inside of the house. Wooden doors, wooden beds, wooden staircase. Ooh we need to be sure there won’t be any termites.


Lately, I’m quite appreciating modern architecture. It’s looks very clean and clutter-free and there’s much value placed in function rather than form. That leaves me thinking that it might be nice to also use a good amount of glass for the doors and windows and even for some part of the walls so more light gets in and maybe cut down on electricity costs. Besides, glass is quite easy to clean if you clean regularly and are relatively low maintenance, so long as they don’t get broken.

woodwork, stonework

I’m also trying to research on green architecture so we can include environment-friendly aspects into home building. Maybe solar panels, natural insulators and the like.

Sun Dried TomatoesOf course, a sustainable home will definitely include what Turo calls an edible garden. My herbs, Turo’s vegetables, a compost pit, in addition to ornamentals and nice palms. And I shouldn’t forget to have a drying pane fabricated so I can have my sun-dried tomatoes, peppermint tea and herbs dried and preserved right at home. 

I just realized, the next best thing I do aside from planning… is dreaming, constructive daydreaming I say!


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