sunshine after the rain

Rainy days are the best time to sleep and sleep some more. Perfect with piping hot ginisang munggo and tuyo. And DVD marathons.

But rainy days are a terrible time for laundry. Over the weekend we were swamped with basketloads of dirty clothes because the laundrywoman stood us up on her scheduled day. When she finally came, there weren’t enough hangers or clotheslines to hang several buckets worth of wet garments. And since it was raining, the clothes took twice as long to dry.


We had to put up extra clotheslines wherever possible that our house looked like a town fiesta with banderitas made of baby briefs.


As if these weren’t enough, even our gate fell victim to this desperate clothes drying activity.


Mister sun, O mister sun. We’re lucky that today was a gloriously sunny day.


2 thoughts on “sunshine after the rain

    1. not so funny ha. nakakapressure kaya magpatuyo ng nilabhang damit kasi pag natagalan na basa, mag-aamoy kulob.

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