the fridge has cancer

The refrigator is an unsung kitchen hero. But we hardly notice it’s importance unless it’s broken or it’s brownout.ref

The freezer in particular, has been a trusty partner for health and nutrition. It’s where I stock breastmilk to feed the baby while I’m out or on travel. It’s where I freeze mashed vegetables in ice cube trays so baby food preparation is as quick as reheating 2 cubes for a single serving. And who can forget ice cream.

If my memory serves me right, the ref has been with us for the last 11 years. It was bought at a bargain price because it had a small scratch in the door surface that was barely noticeable but enough to fail quality control. Apart from the scratch, it does a pretty good job of cooling things.

Recently though, it seems sick. It doesn’t cool as quick as it used to. Veggies in the vegetable rack, especially leafy greens, tend to dry out quickly.

Then we discovered it has a cyst. That grows larger each day.


In an attempt to get rid of the cyst, we set the temperature to minimum. Nothing happened. I did a partial defrost (bottom part only excluding the freezer). The cyst was growing again the next day. I tried a full defrost. And the cyst was back again.

Can this metastasize into cancer? Examining closely the cyst’s surface tells me it might be past stage 2.

cyst surface

Should we take this to Dr. Wilson?


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