goodbye baby stuff, hello closet space!

Ari is turning 3 in January. Uri just turned 1 this July. They still grow so fast, I sometimes feel I’m left behind in their development, despite my efforts to always be present for new tricks and milestones.

The first few months in infancy is a different story. This is the time when tremendous growth happens. And it shows in the number of baby clothes and accessories that are outgrown each month.

When Ari was born, the only baby stuff we bought was a bath net–the kind that you clip on the tub’s edges so baby doesn’t drown in bath water. The rest we borrowed from cousins and Turo’s sister, and were gifts from friends during Christmas and a surprise baby shower.

A short list of must-haves before the baby is born would include:

  1. baby clothes – tie sides, pajamas, bibs, cloth diapers, mittens & socks, receiving blankets, and bigkis (i have not proven whether the bigkis was really effective for kabag, but of course i follow tradition and both boys wore bigkis up until their cords fell off)
  2. a crib & at least 2 sets of crib sheets
  3. a tub and all the bath essentials
  4. a sturdy stroller
  5. mosquito net
  6. drawers – the stackable plastic ones are a good investment if you’re planning to buy as they’re easy to clean, are roach-proof, and can be brought along while travelling or can be stacked inside the dresser
  7. feeding bottles & sterilizer set – even if you plan to breastfeed, you would still need bottles for water and juices, and even for storing breastmilk
  8. breast pump – manual pumping of milk is proven to help increase milk supply. storing pre-pumped breastmilk is now made easy by pre-sterilized self-locking plastic bags which you can buy at department stores and store in the ref for about a week and in the freezer for about a month. this will surely cut costs on formula, if and when the modern-day nanay decides to go back to work and baby starts to feed from the bottle.

Baby clothes top the list as each child will need at least four sets of sizes of baby clothes during the first year. Since we borrowed all of Ari’s baby clothes, I had to make sure to list down every piece of baby clothing and who it’s from so we could return it. I’m glad I did, otherwise, I wouldn’t have remembered who we borrowed it from six months after giving birth.

borrowed stuff list

Newborn babies outgrow clothes really fast, and with limited space, it’s necessary to pack up outgrown clothes as often as every month. I store the boys’ baby clothes in used plastic bags and label them as to the type of clothing (tie sides, sando, pajama) and size. This proved very useful when my second son was born because I only needed to take out the pack of clothes that are needed for each particular stage. Less drawer clutter.

Since Uri’s turned 1 and we don’t plan on having another baby in the near future, it’s time to unload the closet of baby stuff. Turo’s sister is giving birth in September, and so is another cousin. I had to ask them what they need first so I can fairly divide the boys’ stuff among the two upcoming babies.

Today is the day we say goodbye to no-longer used baby gear. Hello closet space!

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