buying a digital camera

Turo & I had been wanting to buy a digital camera for the last 3 years but always decide that it’s not a priority, given the considerable costs of child rearing, or children-rearing for that matter. We could always borrow my mother’s Sony Cybershot DSC-S40 or use the camera from my celphone. And we almost always end up hardly capturing those astonishing moments.

This time, however, I’m almost decided that I’m going to buy that much-desired digicam for my birthday on September. With two months to save up, I seem to be on the right track.

So I did my research and found this beautiful Canon SX200 IS.

SX200 IS

Three thumbs up for optical IS, 12.1 megapixels and HD movie recording. It’s pretty handy for something quite powerful. I’m no photography expert and I’ve no intention of buying a DSLR which I couldn’t maximize. A point & shoot cam will work wonders for my photography needs at the moment.

The downside of the SX200, at least for me, is its price. At a whopping P26,950, it’s something that I really won’t be able to afford, at least until September.

It would be nice to have one of these, but I guess I have to settle for something a bit lower end. The realities of being a young parent just keep biting back.


3 thoughts on “buying a digital camera

  1. hanap ka pa ng mga mas murang Canon. kahit yung mga lower end magaganda rin ang quality ng shots. as for my Powershot A1000 IS, point and shoot lang pero i’m very satisfied with the photos. feeling ko sulit ang bayad ko. tingin ka din ng IXUS. when it comes to look, mas elegante at mamahalin ang itsura. other than that, comparable naman ang specs with Powershot 🙂

    1. I’m looking at the Powershot A1100, kapatid lang ni A1000 mo. Yung IXUS kasi masyadong maporma, kaya mas mahal kahit same specs lang. We’re planning to visit Hidalgo soon para tumingin pati ng EOS 500. May photography classes kasi ang kapatid ko next sem at nagcommit ang nanay ko na bilhan siya ng DSLR. Huhuhu. Kainggit.

  2. hi, i came across your blog, and browse it… it… we almost have the same topics, interest, and stuff to write about… nice… have a great day…

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