on choosing homeschool curriculum and materials

Over the years, I've hade many people, even those I barely knew or have never met before, come up to me asking about homeschooling. We've literally had strangers, who eventually became our friends, visit us at home because they wanted to see for themselves what homeschooling was like. Sometimes they want to meet our kids,… Continue reading on choosing homeschool curriculum and materials


on giving homeschooling a try (during a pandemic)…

A message from a homeschooler to parents who think they are failing at it This pandemic has seen many parents take on the role of educators to their children. Parents who are forced to work from home who have children who are not allowed to go to school. In short, homeschool. But the situation does… Continue reading on giving homeschooling a try (during a pandemic)…

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our bahaySKUL day (2017-2018)

    6:00am The alarm goes off. Although I’ve been awake for much longer, just waiting for the baby to unlatch before I can finally, very silently get out of bed. I go downstairs, turn on the lights, and see the kitchen sink half-full. Oh my God, I didn’t finish washing the dishes last night.… Continue reading our bahaySKUL day (2017-2018)

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a year with a princess

A couple of years ago, our life looked like this. Turo was running our farm, and managing two other farms in two different locations. He also held a desk-based job, and had to travel to the city several times a month to attend meetings. I, on the other hand, was homeschooling two kids, and exclusively… Continue reading a year with a princess

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our bahaySKUL day (2016-2017)

It’s before 7 a.m. I anticipate the alarm on my phone. Very often, the alarm doesn't go off, because, as you may have guessed, I forgot to turn my alarm on the night before. I’m now half awake. I look at the nursing child beside me and do an imaginary, happy dance when she finally… Continue reading our bahaySKUL day (2016-2017)

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when I grow up I want to be a video game designer

I have two school-aged boys who were born in the YouTube and Minecraft generation, when everybody who wants to be anybody wants to follow in the footsteps of Dan TDM or Notch (creator of Minecraft). When the opportunity knocked for us to review an ebook with the title, "When I grow up I want to be... A Video Game… Continue reading when I grow up I want to be a video game designer

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partnering with local crafters

appreciating all things handmade... As an artisan producer myself, I have deep appreciation for all things handmade. I have mentioned before that I am not very artistic myself, so knowing ladies who are artists in their own right is a privilege. The lady behind Banonay (@banonaystore) is Turo’s childhood friend. She makes beautifully handcrafted jewelry and… Continue reading partnering with local crafters